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Getting to Know Me!



My name is Robert Campbell German, but I go by Campbell, a name often related to the soup brand, and it doesn't help that my hair shares the same color as Tomato Soup... I am a student, a musician, a leader, a Boy Scout, a wrestler and much more. Even though now I'm just a puny high school student one day I have much higher dreams for myself, that would include the military, business and maybe even politics one day, vote for President Campbell!

I am currently enrolled in AP Physics C, I took the course because I enjoy the challenge that physics provides. Also I love the practicability of physics, unlike most other classes Physics is linked to almost every action we take. The different topics we learn are used in everything around us and also they are still leading to new discoveries one of the most amazing parts.

I hope to get out of AP Physics C a better foothold in physics so that I can apply this knowledge to engineering, a major I may be interested in as I head off to college. Since I plan on going into the military I know engineering and physics will be something that will be highly demanded and will help me serve my country better.

This year I am most excited for wrestling season. Wrestling is a large passion of mine, I have spent 5 years perfecting and working on my technique and my senior year will be the last opportunity for me to prove that I my work hasn't been in vain. It is an exciting sport which challenges me every day and I can't wait to get back on the mat.

I am most anxious this year about applying to colleges. I am currently in the process of applying to the United States Naval Academy, I have spent months working on my application as well as on getting a nomination to the academy and hopefully everything will turn out for the best and I could reach my goal of going to the Academy.


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