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Physics in Volleyball



Hi! My name is Quinn and I am a player on the girls varsity volleyball team. Volleyball is a fun and active game that suprisingly enough involves a lot of physics. Watching or playing a volleyball game is an excellent way to see the principles of physics in action.

Here are a few of the basic principles of physics, explained through volleyball. Whether you are serving, bumping, or spiking, gravity will affect every interaction you have with the ball. But gravity i not the only principle explained through physics: acceleration is an increase in velocity. If you just served the ball and it has gone over the net, as it is falling to the ground, gravity pulls the ball to the ground, and it accelerates. Or if you gently lob the ball over the net and your opponent sends a hard spike back at you, that's another example of acceleration. The ball's velocity increased when spiked back over the net, by your opponent, therefore it accelerated.

Volleyball is a great explanation for principles of physics and to have fun with your friends. I love volleyball season and am sad to see the season come to an end. But I am fascinated how much physics has to do with the game of volleyball.

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