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Newtons Law and Running



Like many athletes running can be part of a game, consequence or a way to stay in shape during your season.Running does not offer only exercise; it also provides a demonstration of the many types of physics involved in moving the human body.Running also offers an excellent model to study the impact of external forces on bodies in motion.

The physics of running is grounded in Newton's Three Laws of Motion. However we have only begun to learn his first two laws in class. In order to break into a run, the runner uses the First Law: an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by a force. Our muscles is the force acted upon during running. How fast a runner is able to move depends on the Second Law. This laws states that the changes in velocity depend on the force being exerted. During each step in this case, the runner's body, velocity is constantly changing.

Physics is in everything, even the smallest activity like running. Though I am not a fan of running, Newton's Law have helped me to better understand how our body's are so influenced during running by forces.

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