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Stretching a Rubber Band



Today my brother shot me with rubber band. As I began to shot it right back at him, I started to wonder if stretching a rubber band has anything to do with physics. I figured our that stretching a rubber band is a great was to apply and explain forces.

Force is a push or a pull motion. Many forces are acting on all the time, especially gravity. The force of gravity is acting on us all of the time. I is weird to think that if I am standing perfectly still on the floor, the floor is pushing up just as hard as gravity is pulling down.

Pulling forces and rubber bands. A I slowly stretch a rubber band and pull with each hand away from each other, this means there are two pulling forces acting on the rubber band in opposite directions. Also when I stretch the rubber band by using one hand by grabbing the rubber band at only one place, it's possible to stretch the rubber band with one hand and I can figure out stretch the rubber band by applying the force at one point.

Something as simple as stretching a rubber band explains the principles of force. Force is a use full principle to understand because it is acting on us all the time: when we run, open a door, or even stretch a rubber band.

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