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Quinn's First Blog



Hi! My name is Quinn and I am a Junior at Irondequoit High School. I am involved in many sports such as basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. I love to play sports because I am able to workout and stay in shape while having fun with my friends.

Last year I took Chemistry with Mr. Meredith and he told me last year that if you are going into the medical field physics is an important course to take. So I followed his advise and I am now in physics with Mr. Fullerton. I can not wait to see what this year has to offer. Physics is every where and in everything: I am taking this course to understand more of the world around me through the eyes of a physicist.

One question I have is, why do different planets have different gravitational field affects? I am excited to learn and do many experiments this year.

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I am very curious about that question too Quinny! I'm also very glad we have our first class ever together this year and that it's physics! This year is going to be very fun

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