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Hello Everyone!

As most of you know, I come from Europe, but what most of you properly don't know is that Sailing is a big sport over there.

Since I am a little child I was sailing. In fact the first time I was on a boat was when I was two months old. It might be hard to belief for you guys but Sailing is even bigger than Football and Basketball in Austria. This weekend for example my dad is sailing in an international competition in Italy and my younger brother Matthäus is sailing the Austrian sailing youth championship on lake Attersee near Salzburg and is currently leading. Congratulations to him at this point.

So as you see Sailing has not just a big impact on my life but on my whole family.

When I was six years old I first started asking my dad questions about it, why we were moving, why weren't we moving as fast as I would have liked it when the wind was weak, why does the boat stays on top of the water,...

I had no idea how much Physic is actually involved with Sailing! Pretty much everything about it, every gust, every wave, even the structe of the boat and the form of the sails has a huge impact on it and is very very important, because if you understand the physical aspect behind it you can improve the position of the boat to the wind, the pressure in the sail, the angle to buoy,...

I hope I gave you a little view of my life and the physics of Sailing


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How exciting -- best of luck to your father and brother!


We'll study the fundamentals of sailing (Newton's Laws of Motion) starting Monday -- you'll have tons of fuel for your blogs as you apply those fundamentals to something you can teach all of us about!

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