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Jaclyn's Blog: Volleyball



Hi everyone! As most may know, I am a volleyball player and I have come to realize physics apply to volleyball in so many ways. With serving, physics plays a major role in the way the ball moves. When the ball is first contacted from the hitters hand, it has an initial horizontal velocity along with a vertical velocity. As the ball travels over the net, it has a vertical acceleration of 9.81m/s^2 when it has left the servers hand. Gravity pulls the ball down to the floor and increases its velocity as it gets closer to the earth's surface. Volleyball and the motion of the ball has all to do with physics!

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I wonder how fast you can spike a ball?  How long does a defender have to get their hands up in front of their nose when your attack heads toward their face?  How does that compare to the numbers we found in our reaction time lab?

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