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Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Today I had the pleasure of walking downtown for the annual breast cancer walk. For those of who who don't know, October is breast cancer awareness month. After braving the rain and cold weather, I decided that it wasn't too bad, considering what cancer has done to so many people and their families. I decided to find some physics about the cause and dedicate my first blog post of October to the survivors and to the women (and men) who lost their lives in the fight.


I found a random article online and I thought it looked interesting. People usually consider doctors to be the main reasurchers for a cure but this is not entirely true according to this blogger. Apparently physicists are working on how to repair p53, a "cancer fighting protein that fails to protect cells when it suffers from permenant mutations." At the moment physicists are also working to improve therapeutic remedies also.

All in all, it's interesting to see what applications physicists can apply their knowledge to and I look forward to doing more reading about the influence of physicists on finding a cure.


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Very cool! Reminds of the question I heard a few weeks ago at Syracuse University. A teacher asked "what's the benefit of all this research at CERN?" The answer -- so far, CERN's particle research has resulted in the invention of the Internet as well as tremendous advances in radiation therapy... who knows what'll be next!

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