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Baseball and Bernouli



I hope everybody out there had a chance to watch the amazing finish to the MLB regular season this Wednesday night/ Thursday morning cause it was as good as baseball gets. Now being a Red Sox fan, i was very disapointed in results (come on Papelbon you couldnt get 1 more strike????). But this, combined with a WebAssign problem, got me thinking some physics (much more comforting than thinking about the Red Sox).

Now the problem in question had the solver calculating how far a baseball fell from the pitchers hand to home plate. But, as we all know pitches just dont move down they can move side to side. This is because of Bernouli's Prinicple. Bernouli's prinicple is that when there is an area of low pressure and high pressure, the object tends to move toward the low pressure area. So a curve ball spins in the air, creating a area of high pressure and low pressure. So the ball moves toward low pressure, and continues to do so until the catcher catches it. So next time you see a batter strike out on a curve ball, ring it up to Bernouli.

Random Sports Fact: Randy Moss owns a fruit smoothy franchise

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