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Physics Frustration



:banghead) :banghead) :banghead) :banghead) :banghead) :banghead) :banghead) :banghead) :banghead) :banghead) this is what i feel like doing right now. i just struggled through the webassign and everything is so tough. I looked through my notes, which to me look like a foreign language, and i tried looking through the book to help me out, but even that offered little comfort to me. I know yelling at the computer screen wont help me any more on this webassign, but i do enjoy it. I made it all the way to 90%, and that seems to be the best that it's going to get.

A scout walks 6.5 km due east from camp, then turns left and walks 4.55 km along the arc of a circle centered at the campsite, and finally walks 3.25 km directly toward the camp.

(a) How far is the scout from camp at the end of his walk?


In what direction is the scout's position relative to the campsite?

° (from north)

© What is the ratio of the final magnitude of the displacement to the total distance walked?

This one caused me considerable trouble, and i know if i could understand my own notes i would be able to do that, but i cant. And the questions about wind and planes and the angle it needs to fly also gets me. I know Vab + Vbc = Vac or something along those lines, but again my rushed and skewed notes fail to deliver. I need me some help.


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okay well once you get a, then c should be simple right? well the scout walked 6.5 km away from camp, then continued along the arc of the circle! since he was walking in an arc, he was always 6.5 km away. Therefore, when he turned and walked 3.25 km towards camp, he was 6.5 km-3.25 km away from camp. Now that you know how far he is from camp, you should be able to find c.

now for b, this one is complicated. What I did, was i found the circumference of the circle, since we know the radius is 6.5 km, then calculated exactly what fraction of the circle he had covered: 2pi(6.5)=40.84 km (this is the circumference). Know we know we walked 4.55 km, so: 4.55 km/40.84 km= .111. Okay now that we know he covered .111 of the circumference, we can multiply that by 360 to find how many degrees he covered, .111*360=39.96 degrees. So now look at the question, they want degrees east of north, and the answer we found (39.96) is north of east, so just draw it out and convert!

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and mr f will probably say to not post full solutions but you only have 29 minutes left and it took my 45 minutes to figure that out so i feel ya

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