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Punching Bag Forces



Now that we have started learning about forces in class, I have been able to relate that to an everyday activity of mine, which is working out on a punching bag. I have a stand-up punching bag which is affected by both the force of gravity as well as the normal force of the floor. Once I add an applied force of any type of strike, it will move in that direction at the same velocity of my strike. However, I realize that no matter how hard I hit the bag it will always offer an equal reaction to my strike.(Newton's 3rd Law is applied here) For example, if I hit the bag with a force of 100 Newtons, the bag will have a reaction of 100 Newtons in the oopposite direction. The law of inertia can be also added into this process, because in order to make the bag heavier all I have to do is fill it up with water in the base. The more water I add, the harder it will be for me to offer a more impactful strike. Therefore there will be a much larger resistance to change and I will have to strike harder in order to get the similar results of when the bag had less mass.


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