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Physics Everywhere



In my everyday I've realized that everything I do is physics. From walking, to sitting, to playing volleyball. Every step I take there is an equal force pushing against my foot as a push against the ground to take a step. Every time I put my bag or books on the table there is a normal force counteracting the force of gravity keeping my bag from falling through the table or the ground really.

The same applies to us. Gravity keeps us on the ground and the normal force keeps us above the ground along with everything else.

In volleyball there is tons of physics whether you want to talk about when you hit the ball where it goes/how far it goes is dependent on the torque transferred onto the ball, the angle it is hit, and well it is easier to just say physics. When I dig a ball there is an equal force coming off my forearms to the force of the ball being hit at me.

Physics is everywhere there's no hiding.

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Crazy to think how physics is everywhere and is in everything! I tried to think of something that did not relate to it but it is impossible.

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