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This Thursday we launched catapults. Are catapult averaged a distance of about 5 meters. When we completed the catapult at my house we thought it was really good however once at the school, are catapult seemed to be one of the underdogs. Something's I would do differently in building my catapult next time is to really take in to consideration of my catapult launch angle. an ideal launch angle to have is 45 degrees. This angle give you the maximum distance. Are launch angle was in the 70's I believe that this really hindered our catapults performance. however on the positive side we didn't have to spend any money at all because my dad had all the materials we needed to use. I really enjoyed building my catapult and wish I had another opportunity to do so. the second time around I would make my launch angle at 45 degrees, add more weight and have a better devise to hold the softball

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