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How Physics has Affected my Movie Watching Habits



I am the type of person who, as soon as i start learning something, I apply those things to things I do. Unfortunately, one of those things is Physics.

Over the summer, I went with my family to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I absolutely loved it. It was hilarious, clever, had great music, and the special effects were out of this world (literally). Also, watching Star Wars Episode IV just before Guardians, really helped me appreciate how far technology has come in the past couple decades. Sadly though, school had to start and my times of simply watching a movie and not analyzing it were over.

Shortly after school started, my friend Bridget and I decided to go see Guardians of the Galaxy because she hadn't seen it yet, and I was up for seeing it again, because it can only get better.

Though I was laughing the entire time again, I started noting that my brain was analyzing aspects of the movie such as how the characters move in zero gravity, how certain spaceships maneuvered, and how when things were thrown, they seemed to still apply to physics (except one certain ball, but I suspect some kind of magnetic force was acting upon it). Thanks physics, for my movie enjoying times are over (even though i loved the movie the second time just as much as the first).

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