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Physics and Odyssey of the Mind



Before going into Physics, I never really thought about the influence it has over everything. I knew there was a way to connect physics to everything, but I didn't think about it very much.

Now that I have to work to apply physics to aspects of my daily life or other things, it has come flying at me how many things I've done that involve physics. One of the biggest aspects of my life has a lot of physics worked into it.

Every year since 5th grade, I have done Odyssey of the Mind with almost the same group of girls and sometimes couple of guys. Every year we do the same problem number, but we also have to do spontaneous problems. 1/3 times, the spontaneous problem is a hands on problem and another 1/3 of the time it is verbal hands on. In these problems, we have to use the materials given and build something, whether it is something to carry other items, or something that fits a certain description provided.

I never thought about it before, but we had to apply physics to what we were building. We had to figure out how to build something that would carry the most amount of golf balls, or build something out of the given materials that uses the most materials, had the greatest height, and could carry the most amount of marbles. (Oh, did I mention that this was all in a matter of minutes?) The team and I had to work with physics to create the best outcome that would benefit the team and hopefully advance us to the next stage in the competition.

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