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Eagle Project Physics Phun Part 1

Justin Gallagher


Over the week end I had my Eagle Project. A service project for Boy scouts that is designed to show my leadership skills. My project was to build a 60ft wooden walkway.

During this project, I had to carry 15 pound (6.8 kg) boards down a 300 meters trail. If we use the formula for work, W=FD, and the fact that I exerted a 200 newton force in the x-axis, we can determine that to carry 3 boards, I exerted 60000 joules of work, and if I had to partake in 3 trips, that required 180000 joules of work. However this does not account for the fact that the trail was not horizontal, I went down into a 100 ft (30.5 meter) deep ravine. If we calculate the work in the y-direction, we can see that by exerting a constant force of 1073 newton to allow me to stay upright while holding the boards, I exert 32726.5 joules per trip and 98179.5 joules over all. If we convert these numbers into calories, we find that to exert 180000 joules of work in the x-plane, I used 43.02 Cal, and for the 98179.5 in the y-plane, I used up 23.5 Cal.

In conclusion, there of coarse will be discrepancy in my work because this did not account for the trail itself, going over rocks at different levels, it can be used as a close approx. to what the actual numbers would come out to be. Tune in to next time when we calculate the work done while using a wheel barrow.


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