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Physics of Disney World



One of my favorite places in the whole world is Disney World. Like it or not-- Physics is everywhere in the Disney parks. Disney Imagineers always think of new rides and how they can work safety. A great example of the use of physics is on the ride, The Rocking Rollercoaster in Disney's Hollywood Studios! The Rocking Rollercoaster goes from 0mph to 57mph in the short time of 2.8s. When designing this coaster, imagineers must of utilized kinematic equations in order to determine the initial velocity, the final velocity, the acceleration and the time in order to insure safety. Another ride that utilizes physics in it's design is the Tower of Terror. The Tower stands at 199ft tall and as you move in the ride, it takes you up like an elevator and then rapidly drops you in 1.5 seconds. What is interesting about this ride is that it has a faster acceleration than the speed of gravity, meaning it goes faster than 9.8m/s (according to the Disney website) which is why when it drops you rise out of your seat a little and have to be strapped in very tightly.


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