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The Volleyball War



Typical Kylee and Mandy are always going back and forth and one day decided to fight and pulled the net when they should have been setting it up, with good old Quinn trying to get them to stop. This created two tensions pulling on the net- Kylee and Mandy- and Quinn in the center being "the dot" motionless in the center. Kylee, being taller and weaker, pulled the net at a 30 degree angle above Quinn with a force of 30N. While Mandy, being shorter and stronger, pulled the net at an angle of 20 degrees with a force of 32N. I drew this diagram and then wasn't too happy with how the angles looked and broke it up into happy components to create a new diagram. To find the components I used the equation Tcos(x) and Tsin(x). On my x axis I used the equation to find that Mandy had a force of 13N in the x direction and Kylee only had 5N in the x direction. Next, I can use Newton's 2nd Law Fnet=ma and solve for the x axis by plugging in 13N-5N=ma. I then realized that acceleration in the x direction is 0, so ma equals 0. From there I solved for the x axis and got a force of 8N that Quinn had to battle against! :sword:


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