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The physics of baseball



I've been able to play baseball for many years of my life and was able to some over the summer in a town league. There is a lot of physics involved in the sport of baseball. For example in baseball the pitcher has to throw a pitch to the catcher while the hitter tries to swing. The ball is thrown at a very fast horizontal velocity. that stays fairly constant neglecting air resistance. The ball however still drops at an acceleration downward of 9.81 m/s^2.

There is also a lot of physics involved in Batting. When the ball hits the bat several forces are applied. First as the ball hits, the ball exerts a force onto the bat. Then the bat exerts the exact same force back onto the ball. Then once the batter hits the ball he drops the bat which falls due to the pull of gravity at a 9.81 m/s^2 acceleration. As the batter runs to 1st base he accelerates. increasing his speed or velocity so that he can get to the base as quick as possible. Obviously there is a lot of physics in baseball between the force of the balls, bats, gloves and ground acting upon each other, as well as the increasing and decreasing velocity of the hit ball, and running players. Physics is a huge part of baseball.


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