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I like to listen to music and play video games. I think my favorite part about listening to music is listening to music I've never heard before and seeing if I like it or not. I'm very good at solving problems if I take the time to do it. I like to use different methods to solve them and answer the question. I do this a lot during life too because life is full of problems. However, I think I could improve on my time management and be less of a procrastinator. Lastly, I want to become a surgeon but I don't know what specialty I want to be.

I'm taking AP-C Physics because I liked Physics last year and I liked challenging myself on the questions that didn't require math but required thought. I think Physics is great for teaching you how to solve problems that you've never seen before and require you to know the topic rather than the equations.

I am most excited about finishing school and graduating.

I am most anxious about all the work I'm going to have to do to achieve it.


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That's cool, I want to be a surgeon too, but also like Physics as well. If your looking for a type of specialty in surgery, I want to be an orthopedic surgeon, which is basically a surgeon who fixes mostly sports injuries, like tendons.

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