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Physics of Sitting



This morning as I did my usual routine, I brushed my hair and then realized all the physics involved in it. As i was sitting at rest in my chair, i remembered that if i was to remain there forever without any force acting upon me, i would stay at rest forever. Newton's 1st Law states that and object will remain at rest unless acted upon by a net force.

Also, the chair and myself created an equal force upon each other. Newton's 3rd law states that all forces come in pairs and if an object exerts a force on another obect, the other object exerts the same exact force just in the opposite direction. The chair exerted a force on me and I exterted an equal force back on the chair even through I was at rest. Also, the magnitude of the forces are exactky the same even though the chair and my mass are different.

The forces acting upon me and the chair are completly equal. Gravity pushed down on my while the chair pushed a normal force upwards. The force of gravity and the force of the chair were equal while I was sitting.


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I would definitely like to be at rest for a long period of time and have me and the chair have equal forces pushing on each other when I'm exhausted or just want to go to sleep.

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