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Crazy Catapult



While looking back on last week, our catapult taught me a lot about physics and also allowed me to use my problem solving skills. The catapult taught me about what angle to have the ball launched at, how adding more force to the catapult would make it go further, and also how height and speed affects the outcome of the catapult's results. But getting to the end result on Thursday was a result of loads of frustration and struggle. For example, Kylee, Grace and I had many trials and errors throughout our time together. At one point we spent an hour after creating it just trying to figure out how it would possibly ever catapult a softball. We had to be creative and make many different structures to get the ball to go forward. Also, we had to get creative in keeping two boxes of salt connected to the catapult without them falling off. After many slivers and moments of frustration and torture I am proud to say our catapult was as success.


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We had a lot of trouble making our catapult too! It definitely was a challenge, glad you guys had fun in the end!

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