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Have you ever thrown a person in the air?



Cheerleading is a big part of my life and has been ever since I was born. Not only do you have to do fun cheers that get the crowd excited but also have to compete in competitions all around, against other teams. In the competition setting of cheerleading, there are many aspects of physics that are used in the SPORT. Such things are, jumping, tumbling, stunts and even the clap of your hands while doing your cheers.

Tumbling is a big part of competitive cheerleading. I, myself, am a tumbler that can do a backhand spring but our level on our team can go up to a layout... which you can see in the video below...

The impact on the floor with my hands in the backhand spring show that physics is used. When I start to go back... my hands are straight but as I impact my hands on the floor, I have to bend my arms so there is no breaking of any arms. As I continue to stand up from the backhand spring, my arms extend to the full extent so it can make me stand with more agility and force.

As you can see, cheerleading is a big part of my life... oh wait.. physics is a big part of cheerleading.. So technically Physics is a big part of MY LIFE!

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