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Soda Can Heater



This past Wednesday was the first meeting of the year for the Alternative Energy and Education Club. Our project last year consisted mainly of building the solar powered light that is near the athletic fields across from the concession stand. We also wrote the grant for the wind turbine that is also out back near the fields.

During this first meeting, we discussed the projects that we will be completing this school year. We discussed creating solar powered chargers which would be hooked up with a USB to charge ipods and cell phones. Our next idea is to make a solar powered boombox system that could be transported to various sporting events that don't have speaker systems. Our final idea that was discussed was creating a soda can heater. This system works by having cold air enter through the bottom and pulled through stacks of cans by a fan. The air is heated by the sun and as a result, comes out the top of the system warmer than it was coming into it. The system is completely self sufficient because a small solar panel will run the fan. You ccan see an example of such a system in the link below:

All in all, you can imagine there is a ton of physics involved in this system. From thermodynamics to the physics involved in the solar cells themselves, it is obvious that everyone reading this and having any type of interest should join us for our next meeting!



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