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As a joke my friends and I were waiting for another friend to come out of Taco Bell but we drove away to seem as if we left him. He took it seriously and initially started walking back to school which pranked us because we didn't know where he was. So we just started to drive back to school when I saw him walking down the street my friend decided not to stop, and turn straight into a parking lot which caused us to power slide.

Powersliding is putting the vehicle in turn with the rear end hung out to help you go around the curve a little faster-you are constantly feeding gas to the engine while turning and powering out of the curve--in other words a powered slide around the corner.

Friction is one of the essentials when it comes to the physics of power sliding. The tires lose traction and start to slide so friction is barely acting on the tires at all. However it can be controlled with accurate steering and throttle control. We were able to gain traction back just by stopping on the brakes and steering into the slide.

All in all, powersliding is fun in games but doing it in real life can be scary.

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