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Blog 4 (Physics Everywhere)



Today I was thinking about how many examples of physics I can think of that are in our everyday life. I came up with 10 examples that I thought were most prevalent.

1. when we walk, we push the ground backwards, and the ground pushes us forward in accordance with newton's 3rd law... infact we walk only due to presence of frictional force, we do work against friction to walk

2. An airplane flies due to application of bernoulli's theorem, based on conservation of energy

3. we tend to move forward when sudden brakes are applied- newton's law of inertia

4. we tilt towards the centre while riding in a circular path, due to centripetal force

5. when a hot cup of tea is left for cooling, its rate of cooling varies directly with the temp of the surroundings- newton's law of cooling

6. we stay stuck to the earth due to gravitational force of the earth

7. the frequency of sound heard by us of a distant vehicle coming towards us or going away from us changes, this is due to doppler effect

8. the most important: we see this world colourful, only bcoz evrery object reflects light of a typical wavelength, associated with a unique colour

9. we see a rainbow, due to dispersion of light by water droplets in atmosphere

10. we feel warm when standing in sunlight,. because the sun sends energy to us in form of electromagnetic radiations, which get converted into heat


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