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Without attempting to sound pretentious, films often get things wrong. They’re supposed to. They’re fictional. I think we can all agree Star Wars would have been a whole lot more boring if, instead of big whooping laser-buzzes filling the air as Luke Skywalker’s ship attacks Vader’s, there’d be nothing.

Now, ignoring the fact that Star Wars is really very fictional (science fiction, pun on the science), let’s say there was nothing.

No buzzing noises of bright-green lasers shooting from massive laser cannons stationed in millennium falcons swooping through the vacuum of space.

Because, realistically, there wouldn’t be.

Buzzing, engine noises; really nothing.

Space is a really quiet place to be. Not boring at all, just quiet. Because it’s impossible to hear sounds in space.

You open your mouth to chant ‘nothing is impossible’ and I silence you with my fist. This is.

Sound travels in waves. So does heat and light, yet, as opposed to these, sound travels by making molecules vibrate. It needs a medium, like water, or anything else, to travel through.

The sound waves compress this medium, air, for instance. The compressed air moves the air around it, and so on and so on, until Horton hears the Who and his brain interprets these waves as sound.

Without anything to compress, Horton hears nothing and will most likely be dead.

In the very vacuum of space, you can’t hear a thing. There’s no medium between you, were you precariously falling through space, and any explosion in your area.

Light, on the other hand, is electromagnetic radiation and doesn’t need anything to travel through. If there were a medium, it would slow the waves down or change their path, though. Because of light, we can see cool things like stars and planets.

Horton might not hear the Who, but he might be able to see it, were he not dead.


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