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You Got Knocked The F*** Out



This past weekend I went to Halloween party. As soon as I arrive it was already pretty crazy. There was a crowd of people, surrounded in a circle. I fought my way to the front to find two people in the middle of the crown, each wearing hock masks and gloves. They were locker boxing... Not the best idea but it was pretty entertaining to watch. The two guys threw punches back and forth. Eventually, one guy cocks his arm back and unleashes all of his strength into the helmet of the other guy. This sends the guy down to the ground, holding his head in excruciating pain. This is a clear example of physics because as one guys throws his fist into the others head, there is a force applied to the guy that got punched which caused him to go backwards. Also there was a force applied to the punchers fist as the thing he hit pushed back. But clearly the guys helmet didn't push back hard enough because he hit the ground hard...This is a perfect and hilarious example of newton's 3rd law.


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