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Sixburgh Steelers



As everybody knows, the best team in the NFL played the other day against the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers Elite quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, threw for 6 touchdowns in two consecutive games; setting a new NFL record because he's so amazing. When Big Ben threw his 6th touchdown me and my dad got really excited. We each stood up and went for a chest bump(our usual touchdown celebration). Now keep in mind that my dad is a... bigger guy, so his excitement caused him to put a little too much force into his chest bump. he hit me and I flew flat on my back. This is a good example of newton's 2nd law because as he you can guess he weighs more than me. Plus he put more acceleration into his chest bump. So when you use newton's 2nd law; Force=(Mass)(Acceleration)... his bigger numbers caused him to have a stronger force that overpowered my force and threw me to the ground.

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