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Phony Physics



Many people don't think about it, but there is simple physics in the actions you perform on your phone. For example when you hold the phone and type your acting on the phone with a force, and don't even realize that there must be a force acting back on your fingers or else your fingers would bend the phone. Also, we can see newtons first law in action when you unfortunately drop your phone, which all of us have done. Your phone won't stop its motion unless another force acts on it. Most of the time that force is the ground, but sometimes if your lucky you can catch it and the force is your hand.

Also, you can see physics when the images are displayed on your phone. The pixels of the screen display a larger picture that your eyes can see. The light waves when your phone lights up can also be seen as physics. When you call or text someone the radio waves are transmitted to the other phone in contact. And lastly, when your phone's notifications make noises, we can hear the sound waves traveling very fast to reach our ears. many aspects of physics can be seen in one little device that you would never think of before!


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