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Newtons 3rd law and my Gym class injuries



So gym class was something else. In 10 minutes I received a total of 5 injuries (only 3 have to do with this): 2 to the head, a kick to the knee. first off, Newton's third law applies to this is that the force of object 1 on object 2 is the same as the force of object 2 on object 1. In gym the unit was soccer, the first 2 injuries were a soccer ball to the side of my face and then off the top of my head. This means that the force of my head/cheek is the same as the soccer ball pushing against me. the same goes with the foot kicking my knee and my knee pushing back. All these forces come in applied pairs. I guess this also accounts for my face hurting, a throbbing headache and a bruised knee xD


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