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Why dimples on a golf ball?



Why do golf balls have dimples in them? Dimples in the golf ball cause it to fly further than a smooth ball. When hit the smooth ball will not generate enough lift to go far. The shape when hit will be a parabolic shape. Dimples in a golf ball even tho the dimples cause drag it is not enough to hurt the flight of the ball. With the dimples impressed on the golf ball, the ball will generate more lift than a smooth one. When hit the magnus lift, force on the golf ball cause it to curve slightly upward. This is caused because the drag on the top of the ball is less than the drag on the bottom. So the air moves faster over the top part than the bottom. Thus this also causing the shape of flight that the ball has during its travel. In all golf balls have dimples so that the player will be able to hit it further with less drag.

Fun fact: Early golfers figured this out when the hit a rough chewed up ball further than a new smooth one.


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