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Stopping a shot



During soccer season I have had to stop all kinds of shots from m team and other teams as well. The physics behind stopping a shot is the force of which you apply to the ball. Newtons 3rd law states that forces come in pairs and that for every force there is and equal force acting against it.

In this case force 1 would be the soccer ball hurling at me and the force that would be acting against it once it hits me would be my hands. So the force that I apply to the ball has to be equal to the balls force that it is applying to me. So to get the ball to stop and not go into my net I need to exert a force greater than the ball is applying so that then I am able to catch it or have it bounce off myself in the opposite direction.

It also helps to have sticky gloves.

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During the season there were many balls that had a greater force behind them that you could not control, thats only a result of our teams poor defending skills though dan;)

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