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Physics in my life



I've been playing lacrosse since I was 7 years old. To me it was always just a fun game which you throw a ball around in the air and try to out score your opponent. But after starting physics this year, I have realized the game of lacrosse is all physics. The main topic I have noticed it projectiles. There are horizontal and vertical projectiles. when I throw a long pass down the filed to my teammate, the ball take a parabolic path across the field. It is cool because I can take my knowledge of physics and use that to know how hard I need to throw the ball down the field to get it a certain distance.

Lets say I needed to maximize my horizontal distance to get the ball down the field, I know I have to release my throw at a 45 degree angle. Not only that but if I need to get it over my opponent I need to know that to maximize the height of my throw, I need to release it at a 90 degree angle. This is all fascinating to me because knowing this could help me improve my throwing accuracy which will in turn help my team win!


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