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How to explain yourself...



This blog post is strictly through observation, not experience. Most high schoolers have this fascination with fights. When it happens it is the big talk for the day. It is purely entertainment. But what most students down know is that physics is what really happens during a fight. The fist applies a force on the face, the person who got hit in the face will have some bruising and stiffness. But what happens to the fist, well the next day that is sore, swollen and sometimes even broken if they swing hard. But its not the fact that the fist hit the face, the fact that the face hit the fist is what causes the pain. This logic can be explained through Newton's Third Law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that when forces interact, they have forces that are equal magnitude.

Now, the excuse you can say to your administration is "Well his face hit my hand" because although it seems like you're trying to be a smart-aleck, there is some truth behind it!

I do not anyone recommend to try this at home, or anywhere in general!! :nurse:


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