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5 Hour Class



Last night Ally and I took our 5 hour class so that we will be able to take our road test and hopefully get our license. A lot of the things that have to do with driver safety are things we learned about in physics class. Every time the instructor would say something that has to do with physics Ally and I would be like omg no way. The first thing that had to do with physics was a video we watched. The video went over why it is super important to wear your seatbelt and talked about accidents that were more severe than they had to be because the rider wasn't wearing a seatbelt. The video talked about projectile motion and why people when they get in accidents fly out of their cars and land certain places. Honestly I don't really ever wear my seatbelt but after that video I will every single time I am in a car. Also the instructor talked about snow and ice and how to drive safely on them and how it all has to do with friction. Driving on ice is super dangerous because you could slide across the ice and lose control of your car due to the lack of friction. Also it was talked about skidding when trying to come to a stop just on a plain road and why that happens and you can prevent it by making sure you have good tires that will have a lot of friction. The words velocity and acceleration were mentioned various times during a video we had to watch about drunk driving. The drunk drivers had no control of their velocity and some constantly accelerated the entire time they were driving!!! Driving safety is pretty much all about physics. If you know your physics it could really help you to avoid dangerous situations.

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