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Only a Quarter in...



I am currently a student at Irondequoit High School taking an introductory physics course.

I have been working hard in the class for a quarter of the school year and I'm amazed at what I've seen.

Physics to me is so astonishing. It is amazing that some dinky little math calculations can be translated to the real world to account for how things work(Not saying physics is all easy math, because its not).

I love the ideas presented in class and everything about it. I love learning how to calculate things so I can make them happen in real life.

Now this may sound a little dorky but this is crazy to me, maybe that's why I want to be an engineer.

I can't even began to describe the new ways I have looked at things now.

Only a quarter in and I'm already on the edge of my seat waiting to learn more.

I can't thank my teacher, Mr. Fullerton, enough. He's left a phenomenal legacy in this school and has greatly impacted my decision to include physics into my future career. Thanks.


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