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Ant-Man! He's actually cool I swear (and comic book physics)

Alex Wilson


There's a Marvel movie coming out in the near future whose protagonist is Ant-Man. While he may sound pretty boring, he's actually pretty cool.

Ants are basically already super heroes. If you don't believe me, check out this video.

Would you go and attack a giant?! No, of course not. Unless you were Ant-Man.

Ant-Man's power is that he created a gas that allows him to shrink himself and other people and objects and he created a helmet that lets him communicate with insects. When he is shrunk down, he keeps the same strength he had when he was normal sized.

"Hey, look at that weakling, he's like 3 centimeters tall! What the- Oh god, he can still pick me up! Nooooooo!...." *The villain's dumb lackey gets chucked over a railing*

The absolute coolest power he has is to be able to enter the unlimited "microverses", fictional parallel universes. Once you're inside the microverse it's not microscopic, only its entrance is. The microverse is accessed when a mass (such as Ant-Man) gets compressed so small that it creates an artificial nexus into the parallel universe.

It's interesting that Stan Lee decided to create his own physics for what happens when something gets shrunk to a ridiculously small size.


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