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Catapult Project?



Catapults are one of the deadliest war machines ever created...and we got to create one in our local high school physics class!

This year(and maybe the last) Irondequoit High School physics students formed up in groups of three to make catapults to launch softballs.

My team and I worked diligently to create our own little war machine.

We spent $98.68 and at least 10 hours of hard work on our machine.

Regardless to say after building this beast, called the "Eviscerator", we tested it and got 30 feet the first time.

After some set backs and some modifications on launch day we reached an astonishing 10 yards in the final run!!

Now I know what you're thinking, that's pathetic especially for the size we built it as, but I had a blast. My friends and I worked each night to slowly constructing this beast. We had a blast, just the idea or working together, telling our jokes, and building a catapult still makes me smile.

I loved every minute of it, even transported the huge thing (our truck steering broke half way home so it took three people to turn he steering wheel!!!). That was the best part and I'll never forget it.

With this project alone I've realized the importance of physics and the fun that can come with it.


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