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Racing down the snowy, icy, hill, I notice all the physics involved. The reason I am able to quickly ski down the hill is due to friction, specifically, the nature of the surface. The wax on the bottom of my skis allows me to easily glide down because it is kinetic. Not only does the wax on the bottom of my skis influence my speed, but the ice on the mountain less friction, allowing me to travel at a fast speed as well. When I am going over snow, I do not go as fast as when I ski over ice because the nature of the surface is kinetic when there is ice. Although when skiing over snow, it is still kinetic and not static, I do not go as fast as I would on ice because the snow is not as smooth of a surface as the ice is.

When I am riding up the ski lift to get to the top of the hill again, there is lots of physics involved there as well. When I am sitting on the chair lift, Newton's 3rd Law indicates that I am the chair is putting the same force back on me which is equal in magnitude but opposite in direction. Once I get off of the ski lift, I push my ski poles into the ground which enables me to accelerate. According to Newton's 2nd Law, the more force I apply, the more acceleration I will have.

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