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Phsyics in shootin deer



There is physics in hunting deer. When hunting deer with a gun, you have to take into account the distance at which you are trying to hit the deer at, and the direction of the wind. Due to the velocity of a bullet dropping as the distance it flies increases you have to aim accordingly. When i shot my deer at 200 yards I had to aim higher up to compensate for the bullet drop. Also do to the direction of he wind I had to adjust my sight to the opposite of the wind in order to hit my target. For this i could have used a VI VF D A T table to calculate how long it would take for the bullet to reach the target. I could also draw a free body digram. The mg would be the weight of the bullet multiplied by gravity(9.81 m/s^2) the Ff would be the wind direction and there would be a Fn as well.


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