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Paintball is a sport that i love to play in my free time. The whole sport of paintball connects to physics and shows physics aspects in many ways. I go to paintball at least 2 times a month in the winter and one part that sticks out for physics is the launch of one paintball from my gun threw the air and to a target or player. As a a ball travels through the air many forces are acting on it, gravity pulls down on each paintball in the air which makes them arc in the air. Also as this ball is traveling air resistance acts upon it which therefore slows it down its velocity and it proceeds to travel. Finally as the ball reaches its target or player it has the ending force that causes the ball to break and all the paint to explode. This force is an opposite but stronger force which is what makes it break upon impact.

As you can see, the sport of paintball displays all aspects of physics through the whole entire time i am there. Physics is a very fun class and opens my eyes to the reasons everything happens throughout the world such as when i play paintball.


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