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Number 3



I love physics and during our project with the catapults it really made me understand the whole outline for the basic physics student. Me and eric designed our catapult to go a little bit further that planned but the forces acting upon it did not let that happen. Our catapult only went 14 meters due to the force of gravity pulling it down and the launch angle that it was fired at. If our launch angle wouldn't have been as big as our was, the cycle of the softball would of allowed it to travel much farther. The angle made it so when the ball went up it did not have enough force to keep moving forward but that gravity was stronger and made it possible to bring the ball back down to the ground. As the ball was in the air, gravity was not the only force acting upon it. air resistance and the normal force was also apart of why is did not go as far as we had hoped and planned. Physics was shown and tested to our knowledge in this project because of how far the ball actually went compared to where we had anticipated it going.


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