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physics of the bowling ball



Bowling is a very skilled sport because of the way you need to add the right amount of spin to the ball and speed to get it to a precise location to hit a set of pins. For this to occur the ball is designed a certain way so that the motion of the balling ball rolling across the ground moves in a specific way.

In the balling balls interior core it has a asymmetrical weight inside and are pinned in place with two pins because of its non symmetry. These pins help with the placement of the holes for your two fingers and your thumb. The PAP on a balling ball refers to the original axis of rotation, so in a nutshell, the location of the PAP relative to the pins on the bowling ball determines how much the bowling ball precesses as it travels down the lane. Consequently, the level of precession is directly proportional to the level of friction between the lane and the bowling ball. Without precessions the bowling ball would make less revolutions not creating a larger surface area that hits the oil on the lane, directly causing less friction which means less spinning.

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