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Surgeon Simulator 2013 Physics



Okay this has to be one of the the most weird and difficult games I have ever played ( http://25.media.tumblr.com/c45b5f5e17bc6305ee2e4674ab04d3df/tumblr_mm1eyvkyWa1r9xitko1_400.gif ) this game is bizarre to most gamers. A certain surgeries you can do are Heart, Kidney, and Brain transplants in the back of an ambulance. I had just unlocked the Ambulance mode and as i'm finishing up removing the rib cage, ripping out the lungs (Don't ask why, you need to to get to the heart) and taking out the stomach I had just gotten the heart out. Meanwhile the back of the Ambulance bursts open and as the ambulance hit the pothole ALL of the tools and body parts flew up into the air and I was flipping out because I almost punched the replacement heart out of the ambulance in the process of saving it. I noticed that the objects were launched in a parabolic motion so that they stayed right were they started after they land. This is projectile motion in action. it's just like when you walk and toss a ball in the air and catch it. it goes in an arc and lands back in your hand.


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