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Blog #1 - One talented little rat



So one time I was watching a movie, and in the movie there was this little rat that was controlling this man who was making food. The physics in that is, the rat is applying a force on the man, tugging on his hair in order to control his arm movements. Both have gravity pulling them down so the man is standing on the ground, and the rat is standing on top of the man's head. Also the rat standing on the man's head would've applied another force as well.

As the movie continued, it would be seen how Linguini (the man) is rollerblading around the restaurant in order to serve the food. The physics in this is that he's able to move around quicker since there's less friction with the wheels on the ground rather than himself just walking. With less friction, it's easier to slide, but he can also stop himself from moving by applying enough force in the opposite direction to make stop his movement.

But the overall point is that Ratatouille is a cute movie and you should just watch it, not just because of the physics, but you get to see a genius rat cook.


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