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Physics of the Phollow Through




One of the most important things to remember when golfing is the ever important Phollow Through. As you can see in the video, Phollowing though increases the time the driver is in contact with the golf ball. Remember that Jimpulse = FΔt = mΔv. Both the average force F and the mass of the golf ball m are constants so increasing the duration t of the Jimpulse will increase the velocity v of the golf ball. Furthermore, if one does not Phollow Through the duration of the impulse will be short and the velocity of the ball will not be enough to cross the pond.

There is a lesser known equation for Jimpulse however: J = Δp = pf - pi = (plaid worn on golf course) - (plaid worn before entering the golf course). Let it be known that plaid does in fact improve your golf game.


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Thanks for the upgrade... and the spaz cat. I wish I had done jai alai for my blog. Maybe next time. Maybe tomorrow just for fun!

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