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Crazy Child Memories



When I was a kid, I went crazy whenever I heard about ice cream. It was my favorite thing in the world, any flavor, it didn't matter. It was a hot day and I was bike riding with some of my family members. I started at an initial velocity of zero and it would increase as I started to pedal, my distance also increasing as we rode around the neighborhood. But then I heard a delightful little jingle and my little self had recognized that it was the ice cream truck. Once I had heard that sound, I accelerated and my velocity had shot up significantly because I was trying to catch up with it. The physics involved is that the bike kept going, I wasn't applying any force to the brakes to keep it from stopping, and since the street I was going down was slightly slanted, I would be increasing in velocity without having to do anything.

Luckily I didn't fly off my bike, the velocity which I was traveling would've created a lot of pain, gravity pulling me down at 9.81 m/s^2, and since I was going down a street that was slightly slanted, I would be traveling a certain distance.

My journey trying to catch up with the ice cream truck wasn't successful though, its velocity being way faster than mine, being able to travel a greater distance in a shorter amount of time. But looking back, I think the ice cream truck driver was purposely increasing his velocity because I remember shouting after him.


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