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My Dusty Story (Cont.)



After fracturing my ankle a week ago (week ago) on Halloween I have found that moving around is very difficult. If I'm not walking on my foot, which I shouldn't be doing, I'm hopping around wherever I need to go. My mom helps me out with a lot of travelling though. She doesn't carry me around the house or anything, (that's Yung Chewy's job) but she helps me get to school. She is able to get to my stop which is 3.2 miles away (5.15 km) in around ten minutes which has to be some type of physics, right? Gravity and such, not really a free-fall though so I'm not sure I can calculate that as of now.

The real physics of this injury is getting around short, walking distances. Because I'm not allowed to walk on my foot, I was supplied with crutches that allow me to get around easier with a little less pain. What crutches do is when I apply a force to the ground with them, it allows me to temporarily negate gravity, or at least lighten it's effects, and suspend me in the air as I travel across the ground. In case you've never seen someone use crutches, that sounds about right. Even though I am suspended in the air, there is still some sort of gravity and normal force because I don't lift away as soon as I apply force to the ground.

As Newton's third law states, if a force is applied there is another force pushing back and forces always come in pairs. When I apply force to the ground with the crutches, the crutches also apply a force to the inside of my arm. And due to friction there's all sorts of pain involved on my gigantic biceps. It hurts a lot.

Fracturing your ankle sucks.


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