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Physics of Yung Chewy



As seen in my previous blog post, I have a dog named [Yung] Chewy and he is a very energetic dog, full of physics. Chewy does a lot of running around and jumping and these are plenty of examples of physics in my own home. When playing with chewy, he often wants to play a combination of tug-of-war, and fetch.

As we demonstrated in one of our past lab with applied forces on a rope, with Chewy we often reenact the same idea. Because of Newton's third law, it states that if a force is applied it comes with a pair. When playing tug-of-war with Chewy, we both have to apply a force to move either of us (but he doesn't move me much, I'm pretty swole, much more swole than Bobby because I lift). If I apply a force on the rope to pull him toward me, or the rope out of his mouth, he also applies a force to keep the rope which creates tension on the rope. I usually just tear the rope out of his mouth because I'm so big and then throw it so he can fetch it, his favorite part.


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